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July 28, 2012

Chick-Fil-A and Me

Recently, a big scandal has emerged regarding Chick-Fil-A and its support of traditional heterosexual marriage. Many people have called them bigoted, prejudice and on the wrong end of history. In my opinion, there is not enough information to back these statements up. From what we know, and the statements that Chick-Fil-A has made, they stand in support of a traditional definition of marriage.

Is having a traditional view of marriage inherently a bigoted, hate-filled act? I would argue that it is not at all and use myself as an example. I, personally, do not agree with the homosexual agenda. I believe that a traditional marriage between one husband and one wife – one man and one woman – is the intended course for human nature. I will not get into the particular origins or causes of homosexual tendencies here but to say science has yet to firmly discover an all-encompassing so called “gay gene,” which is not to say that genetics do not play a part. Instead, I value marriage as a religiously sanctioned sacrament given to us from God presented with the strength and love of the church community.

Traditional marriage is a value founded on religious principles and collectively legislated as a society to encourage the family unit. The government’s role in marriage is formed by the societal norms and values that its people determine to be in its best interest. Just as alcohol has an age restriction, guns can’t be carried by fellons and, similarly, marriage is regulated as between only 2 people, heterosexual marriage is not something discriminatory, but rather a societal value.

To say that one stands for traditional family values focused on heterosexual marriage is not to say that they stand for hate of homosexuals. These two must not always – and in fact seldomly are – interrelated. Instead, these “traditional” folks desire a structure of government that encourages a certain behavior focused on a desired growth. These behaviors can be seen all over our tax and welfare systems as we provide benefits to some groups and not to others in order to reach society’s idealized end goals.

It is important to realize that two different people can have very different opinions on what their society should encourage and legislate without either side being bigoted, hate-filled or prejudice. From my standpoint, I have never hated a homosexual person because of their sexual preference, and yet I stand for traditional family values. I have long been involved in theatre and the arts and have not been bothered by the large homosexual community there. I have worked side-by-side with these people, calling them friends – and even family – and would certainly be there for them if they need anything. However, I am pro-“traditional family values” because I believe it to be the right direction for society. I am not hate-filled. I am far from it.

Homophobia is a term often used to describe people like me. But yet, I am not afraid. I embrace them, but disagree with legislating their sexual preference. I do not want to bring them down, it is a free country and we all may choose to have consensual sexual intercourse with whomever we choose (provided they are above 18). However, I do not feel that society needs to endorse homosexuality either. Those are my values and my beliefs. Please do not hate me because they are different from yours.

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