David Lanphear

Lost & Found

Below is a “de-classified” and shortened version of a User Research report presented out to stakeholders in legal and IT. In it, we make the case for our opportunity areas, showcase some of our prototype that helped guide us to our conclusions, and encourage them to create a completely different product than the one they asked for.

When the stakeholders initially engaged us, they wanted us to build a “Google for legal documents.” After initial conversations, we found that the real problem they were looking to solve was something more like ‘How might we help our legal team find previously authored content created by their peers?’ In the end, it wasn’t a search appliance at all. Instead, they needed a tool to help them track and sort documents at the time of creation & utilization into the appropriate system of record.


  • Liberty Mutual Legal

  • June 28, 2016

Working with legal teams often comes with a sense of dread. But when work means relating, you uncover a lot of familiar habits.

Leading a small team exploring the legal document discovery process, we uncovered one familiar insight - sometimes finding something is as simple as putting it in the right place to start.