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Birthday Bingo

This year, I wanted to give my wife more than a gift for her birthday. Being pent up inside for a while has led us to try to make the mundane a bit more magical. And with a birthday in the middle of winter, the options are somewhat limited. So instead of choosing between a […]

Notes and scruples throughout!

Book Review: Change by Design

It’s at your fingertips. If I had to sum up Change by Design in one phrase, that would be it. Just like a “How Might We” statement can be broken down into its various components, let me break down this phrase into smaller parts to quickly explain Tim Brown’s book. First is the word “it’s.” […]

Prototype Showcase: Nap Room

If you haven’t participated in a Design Kit course yet – I highly encourage you to do so. Whether you are super experienced or brand new to the game, it’s always fun to try new things in a low pressure, highly creative context. Design Kit provides you that environment in which to be creative and […]